Farmacy™ & greenRx For Your Practice

You have the power to transform health outcomes.

As a trusted GP, your guidance shapes the lifestyles and wellbeing of countless patients.

We know you face constraints of packed schedules and limited time.

But what if you could dramatically boost patient health through simple food “prescriptions” at each visit?

Emerging research confirms the immense power of food as a first-line preventive medicine.

Diets rich in leafy greens, vegetables, and other wholesome foods prevent and help treat chronic diseases – while slashing associated costs.

Our solution allows you to easily incorporate nutrition into your practice.

We simplify unleashing food’s potential with turnkey educational resources, protocols, and on-site leafy green production called the Farmacy (shown below).

Join us in advancing the food prescription movement, taking hold in forward-thinking practices. Help your patients eat their way to better health.

The Farmacy from City Farmery provides scalable turn-key medicinal food production solution by providing your office or clinic:

  • Online software to manage your Farmacy
  • Farmer that’s visits and takes care of the Farmacy
  • Growing equipment
  • Seeds and seedlings management
  • Nutrients and other inputs required
  • Maintenance
  • Harvesting and food distribution to your office staff or directly to your patients.

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